About Us

SoleWaterTM deals with commercial, Domestic and Industrial water systems, Chemicals, Spares Parts. It also manufactures Iron Removal & Softener Plant for ground, bore well, well, river and tap water applications in standard capacities of portable water production. The capacities range anywhere from 8 litre/hour to 50,000 litre/hour and we are diversified in our approach with single, double and triple tube water filters which come with and without UV attachment as well as softeners in various capacities.If need be, SoleWater can custom design, manufacture and installits systems to meet your specific requirements.

We have supplied so many water plants for various needs such as bottled water manufacturing, hospitals, villages, schools, colleges, industries, corporate offices etc. and domestic RO plants till date and we strive to maintain state of the art technology and equipment to assist our engineers in the selection and designing of the most effective RO and Iron Removal systems according to the type of raw water available to each of our clients as domestic and industrial institutional.

Our Services

  • Annual maintainance contracts for systems supplied by us.

  • Drinking water filtration systems with and without UV for home use.

  • Supply of media, chemicals, spares and components for water treatment industry.

  • Domestic RO mineral water plants for home, office, and others

  • Mineral Water plant based on reverse osmosis technology.

  • Iron remover and water softening plants for hard water for various applications.

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